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Environmental Services
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Sludge Dewatering
Geo Tube technology has become an effective method for sludge dewatering. After the dredge or pump, withdraws water and sludge from basin, a small amount of environmentally safe polymer is added to the sludge in order to stimulate flocculation. This mixture of sludge and polymer is then put in a Geo Tube in which the dewatering takes place. A Geo Tube is a long cylinder-shaped bag made of porous fabric in which solid particles are retained through filtration.

When the Geotubes are completely full, they will be kept in storage for some times, during which more water is separated. The dry matter level of the filter cake will increase steadily. If it does not increase any more, the filter cake will be excavated and, together with the filter fabric, be removed for waste treatment. The fabric does not allow for any release to the air hence there is no emission resulting from storage of filter cakes.

  • Volume reduction can be up to 90%
  • Short processing time
  • Reduce of waste cost
  • Serve as storage facilities which means they do not have to be excavated and removed until the client prefers to do so.
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